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Scene 31 - What You Make It: Page 395
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20131110 - Snow by Night

Spiderforest Comic of the Week

Snow by Night by Eric Menge.

I am so, soooo tired ....

By rights I should be in bed an hour ago maybe. So I guess it's something of a compliment that I was tricked into reading a chunk of this comic, by ... me ... liking it? Yeah, unfortunately, I'm rapidly losing the ability to do description wordy things. Sentences? That make sense.

So, I'll just go with disjointed statements, instead. It is good! Colour art! Perspective stuff! Thievery (thieving?)! Use of the word 'Scallywags'! Snow (lots of)! Magic! Characters that seem like individuals! Read it! That's enough exclamation marks! Bed!

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