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20150104 - Happy New Year

No page until next week, but I thought I'd give you the 'answers' to the previous page. They come complete with links - either to the only page said character appeared on, or to, y'know, which ever page I felt like digging out. For those of you who like their archive trawls to be bizarre and disjointed ...

1: Joe - Our esteemed host for this fine event.
2: Marj - Joe's partner in business/love/crime (delete as appropriate).
3: Bartender No. 1 - Um. A bartender?
4: Alex Grey
5: Finn Adams - An O.W.R. employee. Huh. Apparently, I gave this guy a name.
6: Skein Institute librarian - No name for you, librarian guy. Sorry.
7: Atrina from Stargazer's Gate
8 & 9: The angel and the demon - These guys were in the pub last time we visited, but the link is to their first appearance, at the O.W.R.
10: Bartender No. 2 - Another bartender.
11: Private Bannick
12: Benny - who is briefly mentioned on this page.
13: Sam Goldbourne
14, 15 & 16: Various dreamers - Hopefully in the process of forming a support group of some sort.
17: Simon Robertson - Claudia's long lost brother, missing for eight years. Or maybe five days? Webcomic time is confusing.
18 & 19: Tigershark and Angelina from Gemutations: Plague
20: Puck from Moonslayer
21: Professor Jaiva
22: Avril Issac
23 & 24: Mrs. Cork and Billy - Who told us all the totally family-friendly story of the Veritarc.
25, 26 & 27: Captain Jenner and some of his team
28 & 29: Kiran and Teeko from Chirault
30: Hazel Karswell
31 & 32: Vix and Kou from dream*scar
33: Miss Conway from School Spirit
34: Rana from Sombulus
35 & 36: Lave and Kest from Damsels Don't Wear Glasses
37: John Farrell - The surprisingly helpful (or possibly naive) guard from Coneygarth.
38 & 39: Roderick and Mary Baxter - Both feeling significantly better than when we last saw them.
40: John Farrell's girlfriend, Sally - The other girlfriend who appeared on this page is sitting next to John. No really, she is. It's very awkward.
41: The Captain
42: Mr. Rondin
43: Harry de Montfort

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