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Epilogue: Page 463
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
20151004 - Chirault kickstarter & more new SF comics

Didn't manage to complete the double update as I hoped, but I'm far enough ahead that I will definitely be updating with the final page next Monday.


Meanwhile, in other news:

The Kickstarter for Chirault volume 2 is live! And has already reached it's goal! So this book is definitely happening - time to place your orders, people! If you missed volume 1, you can pick it up at the same time, and get a great big chunk of story to read all at once.

And here's the continued list of our new Spiderforest members!
Here's six more comics for your viewing pleasure:

Retroblade - A time travel story, starting at the apocalyptic reality crash in the year 3007, and working backwards ... as the protagonist tries to find out why the world ended and whether he can stop it happening. I don't know about you, but I love time travel stories - so I'm pretty excited to see this one start. It's less than fifty pages in and has hit the ground running, both in art and writing, so now's a good time to get on board!

The Demon Archives: Minerva - Minerva is a successful society built on the rubble of our civilisation, but while its high-tech equipment puts it on top for the moment, there are a lot of other people who want a piece of that pie. This comic is a tasty slice of sci-fi and military action, with some fabulous art - it mixes an interesting dive into the leads psyche in with the fighting, and has a great AI character (who doesn't love an AI?)

The Ferrin - This one's a bit quirky - a student gets permission to visit an isolated planet, to study the unusual creatures who live there (called Ferrin, if you hadn't guessed :P) - but she's not the only person interested in them, and she soon finds herself lost and alone on this strange world. Personally, after spending so much time in various heavily populated fantasy-lands (my own included), I find it a fun change to be alone on another planet with some strange new creatures that I've never met before!

Ball and Chain - If you like your dystopian fiction laced with black comedy, this one is for you. A nuclear disaster leaves a crop of mutant children in its wake, with a wide variety of bizarre features and abilities. Sliver is a gladiator - who's father put her in the ring - and Dorith is a pick-pocket, who finally persuades her to jack it in and escape. Together they end up part of a secret (and rather violent) mutant-rights group. I've got a lot of love for this one - it's nice and dark, and the art has a character all its own.

True Magic - On the other hand, if you fancy some comedy with a bit less blood splatter - but still featuring illegal gladiatorial fighting - then True Magic could be right up your street. It's a light-hearted fantasy story, with an entertaining (and surprisingly gripping) plot. A group of peasants finally decide to head off to the city, to take issue with the nobles who keep charging into their village and challenging them to duels for no very good reason. But they quickly find themselves in rather a lot of trouble ...

Accursed Dragon - Coven has been travelling the world for many years, trying to do enough good deeds to lift the curse that has left him half-dragon. This is one of the few long running comics that we've picked up this round - Accursed Dragon is a fantasy comic that has been going since 2009, and has moved from B&W art with a light-hearted flavour, to full colour with a rather darker theme.

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