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I hope you like the picture. I hated it.

I had a fair idea of what I wanted to do, and the pencils came out pretty good. But then I was tired when I started doing the inks, and for some reason I did them with my fountain pen rather than my dip pen. And suddenly the whole thing really sucked. I mean, really sucked. And I couldn't put a wash over the top or anything, because the ink in my fountain pen is water soluble and it would've run. So, the damn thing sat on my desk for a couple of days, irritating the hell out of me.

Then, I looked it and thought '... wait a minute. The ink's water soluble! So ... it'll run!'. Of course, it's always a bit of a risk making the ink run on purpose, as it could quite easily go horribly wrong. But the picture sucked already ...

So I had a go. And I think it turned out quite well - I really like this picture now. I might even try the same thing again sometime.

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