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A Guest Story by Maxwell Turner

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This is another chemo guest strip - but this time it's six pages! So I managed to have a wonderfully long break on the back of it, plus I really like it. Max did a brilliant job.
It's set at Joe's bar - seen in Scene 20.


Been feeling a bit more sick than usual this time. I don't know why - maybe because I started to think about it, and once you do that it gets harder to ignore. Maybe because I'm worried about going away.

The fact is, we're leaving tomorrow and I'm scared. I've barely been out of reach of the hospital for a three days since I started chemo, and I keep thinking something's going to go horribly wrong while I'm away. Which is utterly stupid, because we're not even leaving the UK for Gods sake. The worst that could happen is I end up stuck in a different hospital for a bit - as I can't imagine the the local NHS is going to say 'No drugs for you! You're not from round here'.

Then again, I've got to know all the relevant people in my hospital quite well now. I know who to call when I'm worried, and where I can get help in an emergency (everybody is ridiculously helpful and nice, by the way - yey for the cancer ward!). Whereas if I do end up in a new hospital it'll be ... well ... new. And that's 'new' in the sense of 'weird and upsetting', rather than 'funky* and awesome'.

And then there's all that contact with new (and possibly horribly diseased) people who may cough all over me. I remember when I travelled by train that one time, and ended up sitting in the corridor with the window wound down ... I know I shouldn't get too worked up about it, but it's hard to ignore everyone telling you how bad it would be if you got sick right now. I've been avoiding large, indoor, public gatherings for a while - to the extent that it now freaks me out slightly if I end up in one.

Oh God, I'm completely overreacting, aren't I?

Okay, breathe. Everything will be fine. It's nice to go on holiday.

Yeeeees, it is.

*Apologies for the gratuitous use of the word 'funky' here. I don't know quite where that came from.

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