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End: C. Crowley Art
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
20160302 - Kaspall reader art

I've posted this on the Spare Keys site as well, but clearly I've got to post it here as well ;) - so apologies if you follow both and see it twice :P

I was sent this fabulous bit of Kaspall reader art by Caitlin Crowley, creator of the delightfully bizarre, and occasionally delightfully creepy 'What Nonsense'.

It's a long-form anthro webcomic about the residents of the remote vaction home Nawncentz Inn - a place with an atmosphere all of it's own. I don't know quite how to describe it ... but that's a good thing - definitely recommended, especially to Kaspall readers, you should take a look! Note, if you find the first few pages too dark, it's worth reading on, as much of the rest of the archive has a lighter tone ... though I ain't promising anything about the future :P

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