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Scene 34 - Free for All: Page 447
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
20150215 - 447

AND, what a surprise, I have to skip yet another update next week, plus, fair warning, I'll probably have to skip one in March too. Work is being ... work-y. Life is being ... life-y. Thank you for not killing me with pitchforks. At least, I'm assuming you won't, I may have spoken too soon.
20150301 - Links

So, I thought I'd just link a few webcomics I'm enjoying at the moment. And because I find that lists of links tell me very little about the actual comic, I've picked out some pages.

It's a pretty mixed bag (several of which I've linked before). Hope you find something to enjoy, and if you fancy recommending something else in the comments section - including your own comic, then feel free.

Soul to Call by Rommie.
Post-apocalyptic horror

Chronicles of Atlum: Cross by Dana Trent.
Anthro urban fantasy

Widdershins by Kate Ashwin
Alternate reality urban fantasy

Spindrift by Elsa Kroese and Charlotte E. English
High fantasy

The Hues by Alex Heberling
Surprisingly cheerful post-apocalyptic magical girls

Metacarpolis by Erin
Kafkaesque comedy ... sci-fi / fantasy ... thing?

String Theory by Mr. Grundy
Dark sci-fi with some black, black comedy.

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