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Scene 34 - Free for All: Page 451
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
20150419 - Sombulus Kickstarter

Apologies for my lack of response in the comments for the past few weeks. It's partly due to lack of time to actually sit down and write anything sensible, but also partly because I didn't really know what to say - it was interesting reading your discussions without me sticking my oar in! Still, I will try to answer a bit more in future.

Reminder: Kaspall is currently updating biweekly.

Meanwhile ... Spiderforest member Christina Major has just started her second Kickstarter campaign, for volume two of her fantasy story Sombulus!

Christina's first campaign was a great success, and in this one you can pick up volume one or two (or both!), so it's a good time to get on board. Sombulus is a fun, world-hopping fantasy adventure story, with plenty of jokes - well worth a read if you haven't come across it before (website: www.sombulus.com/).

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