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Scene 34 - Free for All: Page 462
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
20150921 - End of Scene 34

Wow. Okay. This is the last page of this scene - just a two page epilogue to go, and we're done! I'm going to attempt to post both pages of the epilogue at once in two weeks time, but if I don't make it, I should at least be able to do post the second a week after the first. My personal circumstances will changing rather dramatically very soon, which should as a side-effect make updating a comic a bit easier (and as a main effect just generally make my life easier).

I'm going to suggest that it might be worth reading this scene through as a whole, now it's finished - just because the slow update schedule made it so disjointed. The first page is here.


So. Our last application season was something of a record breaker. WE HAD SO MANY APPS! And not just that. WE HAD SO MANY GOOD APPS! Normally, we accept six to eight comics, but this time we just couldn't cut the list down. So we took in fifteen, and I would happily recommend you to read any of them.
The double plus is that many were early enough in the story to leap in easily and not have a long trawl through the archives, but far enough along to get a serious grip on you. That's certainly true of the six I'm linking this week. Seriously, just dig in - there's some great stuff here.

Ensanguine - As a result of some unethical experiments, a child grows up with the ability to cure disease - using his own blood. Now an adult, he has managed to keep this power hidden ... but not for much longer. This is a great looking comic, and the story has real hooks in it. As in, it gets you thinking, keeps you interested and is also somewhat uncomfortable - it poses complicated questions with no easy answers.

Daniel - A horror comic with influences from manga horror and old-school vampire stories, this is something of an antidote to the recent crop of vampire romance stories. Daniel goes missing in unpleasent circumstances, then returns after three months to see his old friend Christine. But he seems a little different, and murdered corpses are turning up around town. Uh ... contains graphic violence, you have been warned!

Heracles Knot - Paranormal urban fantasy with the languid feel of an indie movie, and favouring faerie over vampires and werewolves. It follows recruits to a secret organisation, as they investigate a mysterious illness that has been infecting and killing fey creatures, and whether the group they work for really has everyone's best interests at heart. Obviously recommended for Spare Keys fans :P

Xylobone Tomes - Saga, an undead sorcerer, and his frankly adorable animated mandrake root companion, set out to find a book. They're travelling across a country still dealing with the fallout from historical dark magics, and understandably run into trouble. The dry sense of humour, and polished inkwork really sold this one to me.

Random Battles - When Nicole and her Mums move to the Bebop Isles, and each of them becomes involved in distinctly odd situations, at school and at work. This story looks set to have some fun with the magical girls genre (amongst other things), and updates three times a week (three times a week) with lovely black and white art.

Witchery etc. - Who doesn't love witches? You know, the actual, genuine, 'I've got a pointy hat and I ride on a broomstick' type witches? Hazel isn't a member of a coven, which makes finding work rather difficult - seeing as, to many people, that marks her out as being one of those 'evil' kinds of witches. So when she meets a guy who's head has gone missing, she agrees to try and find it for him. This story is just great fun - have a read, and enjoy yourself!

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