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Scene 31 - What You Make It: Page 377
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
20121209 - Pencils
Apologies about the pencils - especially considering the page is mainly art! I'd love to blame the baby or Christmas or something, but the fact is I spent half my drawing time this week tinkering with the script. Still, I think it was worth it. I swear, it's all very well knowing what's going to happen, but it's another thing entirely deciding on the exact words to use ...

Reader Art Competition
I'm running a reader art competition, to collect some material for the hiatus. I'm intending that the art will mostly appear on the Spare Keys website, as that will be down for the longest - but you can send in Spare Keys or Kaspall based art and I'll be linking any Kaspall art on this site. If you have a website of your own I'll be happy to link it, and the winner (picked at random) will get an A4 ink and watercolour pic of the the Kaspall or Spare Keys character of their choice. I'll be accepting entries until the end of January (when SK will go on hiatus).

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