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Scene 32 - The View from the Other Side

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Scene 32 - The View from the Other Side: Page 406
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
20140216 - Back again.

Hello! New page! New Scene! Whoot!

The hiatus was pretty successful - I now have a small buffer. And. The first draft of the script to THE END.

But before you get too excited ... it's going to be a little while yet. Yes, I know this story has already gone on for raaaather a long time, but after spending so much time on it I really don't want to screw it up by rushing to the finish. I have another three scenes planned (including this one), plus a very short epilogue, which adds up to something like another year of updates (Spare Keys readers SSHH! I KNOW. God, how I know .....).

If you're thinking the current page looks a little less polished, that's because it isn't - as I have lost the pen for my graphics tablet. I will be touching it up and removing the *ahem* inkblots and smudges once I find it / buy a new one.

I have moved the 'Old notes' thing to the Misc Box and Rhan's picture of Sam (which had been left in the archive) to the Gallery. Also fixed a few glitches, and realised I haven't posted anything in either of those places forever ...

Spiderforest Comic of the Week

The Only Half Saga by Darwin.

The final Comic of the Week is by old-hand Spiderforest member and general good sort Darwin. The comic has been running for a while, but she's recommended new readers to jump into the current story ('Of Dhampirs and Warlocks', linked above), which is a nice quick read, and gives you a good flavour of the series as a whole.

The Only Half Saga is set in a post-apocalyptic future, where vampires and magic mix with advanced technology. The latest story follows supernatural hunter Garrett Kelly, and rebellious teenage vampire Sagira - when these two cross paths, the outcome is anyone's guess ... note, there are some NSFW pages! Earlier stories in the archive focus on Sagira's father, Cabal - who also appears here, and gets shouted at :(.

The comic meshes interesting ideas with some very human stories, and is well worth a look - so check it out!

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