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Scene 31 - What You Make It: Page 389
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
20130929 - End of hiatus

*Deep breath*

Okay. Okay. It's been six months. I'm going for it.

Unsurprisingly, I am categorically NOT PROMISING TO UPDATE EVERY WEEK. I'd be living in a dream world if I didn't admit that the comic is going to take a hit on a regular basis. But. I will be aiming to keep things alive and kicking, and hopefully will be crawling across the finish line within a year. I CAN DO IT! I CAN AND I WILL, DAMN IT!

As you may notice, I have changed the comments from CBox to Intense Debate (scroll down if you haven't seen it), as it's a lot easier to actually have a conversation. However, I'm only enabling comments on the homepage, as I really don't want to hear what people have to say about pages I drew eight years ago. So, I'm afraid that previous comments will vanish with each update. But the CBox comments used to get buried pretty quickly as well, so I'm hoping this new system won't seem too different.


Spiderforest has just kicked off another round of 'Featured Comic of the Week', which Kaspall will be taking part in this year! So I'll be linking another SF comic every week, jumping straight in this week with ...

Sombulus by Christina Major.

A quirky, world-hopping fantasy story, Sombulus is a long-form comic - but split into shorter stories, each one being based around whichever world the main characters have jumped into this time (so they can be read seperately).
The archive page gives a nice little intro to the chapters. This comic has a lot of fun ideas all mixed into together, a sense of humour, and a girl with super engineering powers ... how can I resist that?

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