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Scene 31 - What You Make It: Page 396
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
20131118 - What It Takes

I'm away this week, so may not be able to delete the old comments straight away.

Spiderforest Comic of the Week

What It Takes by Kez.

This week's comic is an old favourite (well, not that old - some of you will know that Kez's other comic War of Winds has been running for a lot longer), but I've been reading it for quite a while now and even did some fan art a while back. Which is surprising, because I'm not usually a big fan of post-apocalyptic stories, but this one just works for me!

What It Takes is a long-form B&W comic following Colbey as she gets by in a world where civilisation has been and gone. She's determined to survive - and also to find her fiance Peter, who she last spoke to the day before everything went so spectacularly wrong.

I love Colbey; she's a great character to follow around, and I've got to admit I find it satisfying to see a female version of the tough-as-nails 'I will punch through absolutely anything to get to what I want' type. And not a pair of stiletto heels in sight. A stiletto knife, maybe. A machete? Definitely.

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