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Scene 31 - What You Make It: Page 401
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
20131215 - The Sundown Boys

There won't be a Kaspall update next week, due to Christmas (obviously) - but I will be putting up something Spare Keys related. Next page update should be on 30th December ... though don't shout if it's a bit late ;).

Spiderforest Comic of the Week

The Sundown Boys by Emma.

Another new addition to the Spiderforest collective! This is a longform colour comic set in a dystopian future - and who doesn't love a dystopia, right? Large chunks of America have been taken over by criminal gangs and nowhere is safe. The story follows four brothers who work as assassins for the DeSaule Organisation, and are about to find out something that will make their lives a whole lot more complicated.

This one keeps a nice balance between quite a bleak outlook, and still having some fun with the characters. The mystery of what's actually going on with these guys is intriguing, and I like the relatively realistic setting. The archive is large enough that you can get into the story, but small enough that you can get through it pretty quickly.
20131223 - Dark White

Toby and Marion from Spare Keys for Strange Doors completely fail to answer your questions this festive season ...

Hokay, so I may have got a little carried away with this one? But what can I say? I haven't let these guys out of their box for a while, and they wouldn't shut up. Hope you enjoyed it, anyway - I certainly enjoyed making it. And thank you to atma and yachris for the suggestion! Sorry you didn't get an answer, but, yeah. I need to write that story down, I guess?

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and see you next Monday for the next Kaspall page!

Spiderforest Comic of the Week

Dark White by Lilly.

This one is a long-form fantasy horror comic following various creatures - including werewolves, a cross-dressing prince, and a tortured (literally) seer - in the world of Faya, which is about to be invaded by some pretty dark forces. It's another one with an approachable archive - enough to get into the story, but still under a hundred pages.

The world building is interesting; Faya has a real mash up of different mythical creatures and gods, plus some extra stuff of its own. The art is also very nice - full colour, with a distinctive style and a lot of detail. The only thing to be aware of is that this is horror as well as fantasy. It does start off reeeeasonably dark, and if it follows the trajectory of ... every story ever, I think it's safe to assume things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better. But, hey, in my opinion it would be a pretty horrific world if everyone had to be 'sunshine and kittens' the whole time ...

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